DG Technology Co., Ltd. CPU Cooler

Company Profile
We are DG Technology Co., Ltd in Taiwan. As an advanced thermal solution provider, we help customers to design OEM and ODM products.
We design for the heat dissipation of entire machine. Our main products are desktop CPU cooler, mobile cooler, aluminum extrusion-anodized and so on. Furthermore, we offer Free product simulation to help customers lower their costs without sacrificing quality or customer service. To fulfill customers' demands, there are various processes of cooling products, such as aluminum extrusion, forging, stamping fins, die-casting, etc.

Product advantages and features
The requirement only Minimum order quantity.

We have our own company patents and product certifications.
Our fan temperature can reach 70,000 hours at 40 degrees.
* Small Size
* High Performance
* Flexible Material
* Flexible Fan Size
* Flexible Cooler Position
* Fits Any CPU
* ISO9001 & ISO14001 Certificate

Our Markets
Factory Automation
Power Conversion
Storage & Server

Product Features

As a professional cooling supplier, we help customers OEM and ODM to solve the cooling problem of the whole machine.


We provide free design and heat flow simulation to help customers reduce costs without sacrificing quality and giving customers the best service.


* Low order quantity.
* Has company patents and product certifications.
* The fan temperature can reach 70,000 hours at 40 degrees.


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